2013: The Year of the Open Door

The Prophetic Word released over the House of El-Shaddai:

The number 13 signifies the end of human effort. When you come to the end of yourself, please know that THE MOMENT OF EL-SHADDAI has ARRIVED!! Just step into THE GRACE…

7 Doors Will Be Opened in 2013:

1. The Door of Family WHOLENESS. This year the miracle will start and rest in your home. God will heal broken relationships; children will come home; Barreness will leave and No sickness or plague shall come near your dwelling. I TAKE THAT!!

2. The Door of FRESH REVELATION. There’s going be a fresh unveiling of the loveliness, awesomeness, majesty and beauty of Jesus Christ again. A far more quickened and intimate relationship because the eyes of your understanding will be enlightened. Consequently you will have more BREAKTHROUGHS than ever before.

3. The Door of UTTERANCE AND INFLUENCE. You will not live an insignificant life in 2013. God will use you to move even nations and affect people groups. Your come from the background to the forefront. You won’t serve before obscure men but you will stand before KINGS IN PALACES. God will distinguish your VOICE among the NATIONS! I TAKE THAT!

4. The Door of Entrepreneurship, Enterprise and Business. 2013 is your YEAR to download from heaven some KNOWDLEGE FOR WITTY INVENTIONS. You will come into unprecedented Business opportunities. You will buy without money and like Joseph’s brothers, every time you turn round, there will be MONEY in your bags even if you won’t know WHO PUT IT THERE! I TAKE THAT.

5. The Door of Recompense & Compensation. For everything you have ever been through and every seed you have ever sown, like the children of Israel after 400 years, 2013 is YOUR PAY DAY!! Get ready to see JEHOVAH GOMOLLAH – The God of RECOMPENSE at your House. He will RESTORE to you the YEARS that the LOCUST have eaten. You are getting your time back and your YOUTH will be RENEWED like the EAGLE’S. I TAKE THAT!

6. The Door of SUPERNATURAL FAVOUR. In 2013 God will raise up people to HELP, PREFER AND BELIEVE in your DREAM. Like Ruth, the Moabite, while you may have been gleaning in the corners, this year, God will GIVE your BOAZ and the same place where it seemed like you were at the mercy of other, GOD WILL GIVE YOU THE FIELD. Get ready to come into more than your could ask or think or EARN. KNIGS will notice and appreciate your skill, talents and acumen. Favour beyond your dreams is your portion in 2013!

7. The Door to YOUR PLACE OF BLESSING. Like Abraham, this year you will KNOW IT because you will SEE IT. The right destiny RELATIONSHIPS, where you are not tolerated but celebrated. Your own House, one that you really like. A place of increase where things will work in your HANDS. No more fighting with others over little trickles. You will come to your WELL of NO CONTENTION and even for your dry place, as you command the waters to come up, YOUR WELL WILL SPRING UP AGAIN! God will DEFEND YOUR PLACE OF BLESSING.


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